GIving Tuesday V2

Active Thanksgiving

GIving Tuesday V2

This past week was thanksgiving. Our culture loves to celebrate this holiday for a wide variety of reasons, mostly centering around being thankful. In my experience with thanksgiving it often turns into a recitation of the individual items or concepts we are thankful for. I am not here to discount the power of that or to say that those things are not good. But i think if that is where we leave it, we miss two great opportunities. Opportunities that allow us to be different in an ever so common world.

The First great opportunity is to engage in active thanksgiving. Stating or just pondering about what we are thankful for is in fact often times a static behavior. In many cases we most frequently see the most impactful forms of gratitude coming in active service or word. In actively pursuing thankfulness our outlook on what we do begins to align a lot more with who Jesus was, and less like what the world wants it to be.

The second opportunity aligns directly with the first, active thanksgiving transforms passive environments. At the end of the day this is a building block of why Trinity exists. The work we are teaching students to do here is a direct result of active thanksgiving. God has equipped this community to be one of love, dedication and service all stemming from a place of gratitude. The places our students, faculty, and staff are reaching as a result of the work being done at Trinity are being impacted and transformed daily. We are challenging our student body and community not to just be content with what is learned and felt. But rather to be proactive in engaging with our vocational, and social peers about who we are, and what we do. 

Today is our nation’s annual day of giving. It is a day for individuals to give generously to organizations that have impacted them, they want to impact, or maybe both. As you consider what that means to you today, please consider how your gifts not only positively impact the work and growth of our students, but what the impact of their future work could have on the world around us. A gift to Trinity no matter the size is active thanksgiving. And that action will result in passive environments being transformed through your giving.

I hope this post can encourage you with the work we are doing here as well as help express our appreciation to all those who have been a part of it. For God, for good, for the world.

– Caleb Jonkman’18

Director of the Trinity Fund