The transition from October to November is felt across Trinity deeply. It isn’t necessarily bad, but it is noticeable. Students are beginning to prepare for midterms, staff and faculty are beginning to dig in their feet for the end of the year push, and if you aren’t careful all the work, stress, engagement, and tasks can pile up in a way that becomes overwhelming. All that being said, I was reminded yesterday in a yoga class taught on campus by former professor Mary Colosimo the importance of recognition. So often we see these “things” popping up in our lives as being entities we need to overcome or push through. While that may be true at times her message was simple, don’t attack everything, embrace it all. Breathe through it, and live into it.

I think at this point in the year there couldn’t be a more simple but impactful message. God has done some incredible things on campus already this year. Our women’s soccer team has dominated through the work of some fantastic student athletes and coaches winning a conference title. We have heard from a world renowned theologian and thinker Miroslav Volf in a worldview forum on campus. Professors have reported engagement and involvement in classes being at an all time high and there are so many more things i could talk about as well. The point being if we allow the things in front of us to dominate our thoughts and actions, we miss all the good.

This concept of growth mentality is one that Trinity has embraced over the past few years, and it is good. Dr. Colosimo’s point is one i hope anyone that reads this can embrace. Yes we need to be moving forward, but we also need to be reminded of what has been done, and live in the moment. A growth mentality is very difficult to embrace if we never allow ourselves to embrace to progress. So those of us connected on campus, and for those connected from a far, continue to push, continue to grow. But also step back, breathe, and admire the work that is being done here and in your own lives. If you are going to be your biggest critic you must also be your biggest fan. God will continue to be good, and we can and should live into that freedom.


I hope this post reaches you at a great place-

Grace and Peace,

Caleb Jonkman’18

Director of the Annual Fund