Hello friends,

Hope this blog post reaches you at a great place on a Tuesday!

Our first visit day was last Friday. There is always a different energy that consumes campus whenever prospective students come, but it was at another level for me this time around. I had always seen it as a student, but it was much different as a staff member. I talked with a few prospective families and students about Trinity and the usual questions came through. Parents asked about Trinity, what it was like, what i enjoyed most about my time here, would i do it again. All those are valid and good questions but one question from a perspective student stood out to me in a way that the others didn’t. He didn’t ask about facilities, programs, or student life. Instead of asking me what is Trinity, he asked me who is Trinity, what is your identity. Not just what your mission statement is, but who makes up Trinity. Who are your people, what makes this community tick.

This question went a lot deeper for me then anything i had been asked. Because this wasn’t a simple answer. It wasn’t black and white. And I think what this high schooler was getting at was a question a lot of people are asking about us lately which is who are we? My answer wasn’t polished, in fact it was rather raw. But I think it is one that needs to be heard. Trinity is first of all home. Not just to me but many, no it hasn’t been great all the time, but what home ever is. This a place to grow, to be challenge, to be loved. And that is what I have experienced. Trinity is also changing, for the better. No we don’t have it all right, but I can confidently say that the directions we are moving from a spiritual, engagement, and organizational perspective are things to be incredibly excited about. Most importantly Trinity is God’s. I have only been here as a staff member 5 months, and over that span of time i have seen things on campus that can only have come from one source. He has been with us from the beginning and his plans for us will always be good. That i do know.

As the world we live in continues to shift to be less and less focused on authenticity, and more focused on appearance through the accessibility and promotion of outlets like social media and digital forums. The need to be rooted in a strong God centered identity has become essential. I don’t know what the future holds for that student i talked to, and i don’t know what God has in store for Trinity. But if we as a whole, faculty, staff, administration, students, alums, parents, and friends continue to fight every day for our identity. Our message and purpose will become increasingly pursued and known.

I hope this post encourages you today of what is happening with us. We appreciate you!

In Christ,

Caleb Jonkman ’18