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Great Opportunities

I have been around Trinity’s campus every summer since 2014, and about this time every year the campus environment changes. More cars occupy Tibstra Lot every day, the caf opens up its doors to the summer athletes, and of course the obvious turn of the tide is having students back. The first few weeks of summer are always relaxing for everyone. Once the honeymoon summer phase is over people do their own thing and go their separate ways. Some work, some stay relaxing, and some plan. But one thing that the middle of August always brings back to Trinity is a phase of preparation.

Students begin to prepare for new classes and living assignments.  Professors prepare to bring their knowledge to the classroom and the staff prepare to equip both students and professors with what they need to be excellent in all facets. I think in the hustle and bustle of life and excitement we tend to overlook this important part of who we need to be. One of my mentors graduate and alumni board Vice President Christian Perry reminds me frequently that success is met at the Crosspoint of preparation and opportunity. For Trinity, on many levels, this concept is glaringly true going into the 2018-19 school year.

As we prepare for what lies ahead I am extremely excited. I think Trinity has done a lot this summer through campus improvements, staff additions, and master planning that will allow our students to have their best year yet. Yes there will be challenges, but we have prepared for them. Opportunities to be special are going to arise throughout this year, and God willing we are going to see and hear some incredible stories about what our preparation has allowed us to do.

As we are about two weeks away from the start of classes pray for our students. Pray for our faculty. Pray for our staff. Prepare with us for what we will endeavor on this year as you are just as much a part of this as we are. For God For Good For the World.


– Caleb Jonkman Director of the Trinity Fund ’18