For God, For Good, For the World.

What intrigues me most about Trinity’s slogan, is how your worldview and life framework changes this phrase for you. A recent college graduate like myself sees the entire world in front of them. An opportunity or blank slate to be able use their newly developed skills to impact others through God, doing good work, in the world.

A current grandparent may have seen some of this work accomplished in his/her time already, and is potentially looking to instill the same mindset into his/her grandchildren at Trinity. Either way this place and this community is one focused on that mission. A mission that uses Trinity as an avenue to glorify God by preparing its students to do good work, furthermore impacting the world because of that stewardship.

As newly hired Director of the Trinity Fund I see the benefits of what gifts do for our college every day. But that information isn’t widely or consistently known. This is why I am introducing this blog. I want to keep you, our valued friends, parents, alums, and many others connected to what is happening at Trinity and share stories about God’s goodness through you. Your gifts directly help our students, faculty, and staff, in many different impactful and God honoring ways and staying connected to these success stories will hopefully provide you encouragement and pride for what is happening at Trinity.

The plan for this blog is to be published monthly and will be available for reading via email and our website. I hope and pray that you enjoy hearing about the many ways you are impacting Trinity in the months to come.

  • Grace and Peace, Caleb Jonkman ‘18