Mark-Peters-faculty-profile-optimizedAsk Mark Peters what his favorite piece of music is, and you will be answered with a laugh.

“This has become something of a joke in my classes,” Peters explains. “I’m always saying, ‘This is one of my favorite pieces,’ whether we are listening to Renaissance motets or Charles Ives, Bach, or jazz. One thing I like about being at Trinity is that I have the opportunity to teach many different kinds of music.”

Peters teaches an introductory course in music literature, as well as a three-semester sequence of music history courses ranging from the Medieval period to the present. In these courses, students explore not only the Western art music tradition but also American music and its West African and European influences. Peters also offers an introductory course on world music and has taught special courses such as “To Be or Not To Bop: Jazz in the 1950s” and “What Kind of Story Is History?”

Peters’ interest in a broad scope of music is also reflected in his scholarship. He earned his Ph.D. in historical musicology at the University of Pittsburgh with a dissertation on Mariane von Ziegler’s sacred cantata texts and their settings by J. S. Bach. He has presented conference papers on Bach, Ziegler, and Johannes Brahms, and his publications include articles in BACH: Journal of the Riemenschneider Bach Institute and the monograph “Claude Debussy As I Knew Him” and Other Writings of Arthur Hartmann (University of Rochester Press, 2003), with Samuel Hsu and Sidney Grolnic. His monograph A Woman’s Voice in Baroque Music: Mariane von Ziegler and J. S. Bach was published by Ashgate in 2008, and his current research explores settings of the Magnificat by J. S. Bach and his contemporaries.

In addition to his work as a professor and musicologist, Peters continues to perform as a trumpeter. He has directed and performed with the Trinity Brass Quintet, and plays trumpet for church services and special events. Since 2009, he has played cornet each summer for the Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band Festival in Silverton, Colorado.

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