Marketing Management, (BUAD 333) and Digital Media & Social Entrepreneurship, (COMM 346) are partnering this semester to catalyze conversations on our campus about social entrepreneurship, a type of business organization that incorporates in order to address social and/or ecological predicaments. Students are planning and marketing  Changemaker Week (April 9-12)  to take the professor-student exchanges and inquiry and launch them into Trinity’s broader campus and constituency.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • Monday- April 9- students are partnering with Trinity Business Network  to discuss corporate social responsibility with the help of several Trinity Alumni.
  •  Tuesday- April 10-  a social entrepreneurship pitch contest as an OPUS event
  •  Wednesday, April 11-  movie screening of the documentary film Poverty, Inc. with a post show discussion
  • Thursday, April 12- students will meet with social entrepreneurs from Chicago:
    • Emily Lonigro-Boylan & Demetrio Maguigad of Lime-Red Studio
    • Robert White of Cara Chicago;
    • Laura Zumdahl of Bright Endeavors (affiliated with New Moms)
    • a Holland, MI photo-related social business 



Trinity Christian College Entrepreneurship Partner, Future Founders, Reports Economic Impact of Fellowship Cohorts

Future Founders, a non-profit organization that believes every youth can become an entrepreneur, recently shared its 2nd Annual Fellowship Impact Report. This report details the tremendous economic impact achieved by its first three Fellowship cohorts of millennial entrepreneurs in 2016 and 2017:

  • Created 234 jobs (102 full-time jobs; 132 part-time jobs)
  • Generated $9.1 million in gross revenue
  • Raised $3.3 million in outside capital 
  • 3 company acquisitions

Two of our student entrepreneurs, Tom Iwema and Ryan Hesslau, participated in the 2nd fellowship program.  Click here to see their contribution to this success.


Heeg and York Share Their Entrepreneurial Experience at Naperville North High School

Sophomore business students, Haley Heeg and Josh York, spoke to the Business Incubator class at Naperville North High School this past week. This class is offered to encourage high school students to solve real world problems through entrepreneurial initiative and provides students with tangible experience in the startup world. Haley and Josh spoke to students about their own experience with startups; specifically, the importance of market validation, how to pitch their ideas in an effective manner, professionalism, and the importance of starting small. 



Haley Heeg linkedin photo
TomRyanFFAlu. event1

Student Entrepreneurs selected for Future Founders Participation

Future Founders Residency Program

Sophomore students, Josh York and Gabe Soler, were two of eighteen students chosen to participate in the Future Founders’ Residency program, a six-month pilot program designed to empower local entrepreneurs to help them build sustainable businesses.  The program provides mentorship by seasoned entrepreneurs, involvement in skill-building workshops, and access to startup grants.


Future Founders Fellowship Program

Sophomore student, Haley Heeg, was one of seHaley Heeg linkedin photoventeen entrepreneurs nationwide selected to participate in its 2018 Fellowship program.  The Fellowship is a prestigious year-long cohort that accelerates the development of top student entrepreneurs in the nation with mentoring, entrepreneurship retreats, a peer community and other opportunities.


Future Founders Alumni Accelerator Program

Tom Iwema and Ryan Hesslau were chosen to participate in the Future Founders Alumni Accelerator Program as a result of their 2016 participation in the Fellowship program.   Both were chosen because they have been intentionally  developing and expanding their businesses full-time while attending college.  This alumni program provides support from Entrepreneurs in Residence, entrepreneurial retreats, along with a national peer community of millennial entrepreneurs.  To read more about the students and their businesses click on the link below.


TomRyanFFAlu. event1

Indira Escalante-Bustillo

Indira Escalante accepted into Award Winning Internship Preparation Program

Indira Escalante-Bustillo, second year accounting major, was accepted into the Mary T. Washington Wylie Fellowship Internship Preparation Program hosted by the Illinois CPA Society.  The award-winning program is sponsored by several of the large international accounting firms.  Students parIndira Escalante-Bustilloticipate in interactive sessions dedicated to business ethics, team building, interview skills, and the CPA exam.  At the end of the program, accounting firms interviewed attendees for a variety of paid internships with large accounting firms.

Students ‘Show and Tell’ Their Experience Starting a Business

On Wednesday, October 18th, the Trinity Business Department  in conjunction with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment hosted its monthly “Show and Tell” experience, which is a new  student-led initiative to enhance Trinity community engagement and showcase individual accomplishments of our students.

The theme, “Be Your Own Boss”, showcased four Trinity student entrepreneurs. These students provided insight and inspiration as they shared firsthand experience starting a company.  The panel consisted of:

  • Brooke Hedderman, Sophomore – Hedderman Magic Entertainment Group
  • Haley Heeg,  Sophomore – Rosebud Bloom Boutique
  • Ryan Hesslau, Senior – foreverU and Crossroad Solutions
  • Tom Iwema,   Senior– IKG Property Maintenance, Inc.

The panel reflected on topics such as getting started, how to find your niche market, as well as how to remain in Christ through the challenges of starting and developing a business.

Inspired by a 1st-Year Student’s Paper

“There are many reasons people go into business. I think the easiest explanation is that we are created in the image of God and God is the creator of everything. Colossians 1:16 stats: “Everything got started in Him [Christ, the Son of God] and finds its purpose in Him,” If humans are created in the image of God and God is a creator, then humans are meant to be sub-creators with God. I believe that business is a reflection of the creative side of humans inspired by God. That is also why I find business fascinating….

Now that I am a Christian, I know I can make a difference in the world for the glory of God through business. [My Christian duty is] to bring shalom to the world [by] practice resurrection on broken things. I want to fulfill these duties and I know that through business this is possible….

God led me to Trinity for a reason. I know Trinity can help me grow in my field. I know that I will be equipped with the tools necessary for becoming a marketable employee. Furthermore, I know that Trinity will equip me spiritually.”

Who Is START Consulting?

START Consulting is a “dream team” of Trinity Christian College students working under the auspices of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment. Some are Bachelor of Science students majoring in Accounting, Entrepreneurial Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, or Marketing who already have project experience because it is part of their major. Others seeking advanced business experience are students majoring in Art, Communication, Computer Science, Digital Design, English, etc. who assist as needed.

All are project-based learners with a passion for learning and serving collaboratively.

Why Do They Do It?

We are called and endowed by God to do good work. Trinity Business faculty and alums empower students to discern, develop, and deploy their gifts and calling to do that work through personal, practical, and professional education. START Consulting provides advanced learning that pushes students even further.

How Do They Do It?

START Consultants are coached by experts: practitioners and scholars. We learn from a healthy, holistic mix of perspectives across disciplines, experience levels, and generations, the kind of mix that results in creative ideas.

What Do They Do?

START Consultants work as a team on projects for for-profit and non-profit organizations. Their work involves collecting primary and secondary research and analysis, developing marketing strategies, and creating implementation plans. They help client firms explore new markets and new product ideas or help them see old ones in new ways. They think outside the box because they don’t see the box. They facilitate innovation.