Why does Trinity’s Business Program Exist?

  • Provide a Biblical informed business education in the Reformed tradition
  • Empower individuals to discover, develop, and engage their gifts and calling through:
    • Engaging coursework
    • Relevant professional experiences/Engaging in the marketplace (Chicago)
    • Collaborative learning environment
    • Mentors and coaches
  • Change lives (including our own)

How is Trinity’s Business Program different?

  • Bachelor of Science degrees in the following business disciplines:
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Entrepreneurial Management
    • Marketing
  • Reformed Christian perspective
  • Chicago, Future Founders Foundation, Chicago Semester: http://chicagosemester.org/
  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment (CECE): https://www.facebook.com/CECETroll/

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Immersed in the City.  Grounded in Vocation.