On Wednesday, October 18th, the Trinity Business Department  in conjunction with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment hosted its monthly “Show and Tell” experience, which is a new  student-led initiative to enhance Trinity community engagement and showcase individual accomplishments of our students.

The theme, “Be Your Own Boss”, showcased four Trinity student entrepreneurs. These students provided insight and inspiration as they shared firsthand experience starting a company.  The panel consisted of:

  • Brooke Hedderman, Sophomore – Hedderman Magic Entertainment Group
  • Haley Heeg,  Sophomore – Rosebud Bloom Boutique
  • Ryan Hesslau, Senior – foreverU and Crossroad Solutions
  • Tom Iwema,   Senior– IKG Property Maintenance, Inc.

The panel reflected on topics such as getting started, how to find your niche market, as well as how to remain in Christ through the challenges of starting and developing a business.