Advanced Learning

Trinity faculty and staff empower students through professional, practical, and personal educational experiences. And, in turn, we are inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit and moral character. That entrepreneurial faithfulness expresses itself through project-based learning in the classroom but especially through the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment.

One of Trinity’s strengths is experiential education. For instance, all students at Trinity are required to have an internship or field experience prior to graduation. In Trinity’s Business, Nursing, and Education programs, students regularly engage in internships, practicums, and project-based learning. Specifically, in the Business program, all students work on interdisciplinary (Accounting, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, and Marketing) teams to address a real-world problem faced by a local business or non-profit organization. We major in application. The Center complements such programs with advanced learning opportunities to build an even better bridge between college, career and calling.


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment engages students in advanced project-based learning experiences to empower students to discern, develop, and employ their gifts and calling. In so doing, it provides experiences that make students even more competent and confident of who they are and what they can do and therefore more competitive and transforming in the marketplace.


  • Various professional development events. For example, “Speed Interviewing” brings together first-and-second year students and alumni to help students better understand the culture of business and the various business functional areas and roles. Similarly, “Etiquette Dinners” that helps students appreciate and learn to navigate the habits and culture of more formal business settings. Also, “Reflective Best Self” experiences called “20/20” that invite students to reach out to people who know them to write about when the students were “at their best.”
  • A Community Health Initiative involving Business, Communication, and Nursing students, and Nursing faculty. The community health initiative collects data on health needs in our internal and external communities (from Harvey to Tinley Park) and provides health education.
  • STORY Consulting is a “Dream Team” of English majors who help organizations capture their stories for publication in multiple venues.
  • START Entrepreneurs are Trinity students coached by subject matter experts on their evolving and emerging business models. They participate in and are supported by events such e-boost Chicago, activities through Trinity’s “E-Club,” and organizations such as Future Founders.
  • START Consulting is an interdisciplinary “Dream Team” of Trinity students coached by subject matter experts and the CECE director to solve business-related problems for businesses and non-profit organizations.