We empower students to discern, develop, and deploy their gifts and calling.  We do this via Trinity Business and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment.

  • Trinity Business: The Trinity Business program is unique in that it is…
    • Entrepreneurial and Experiential: Nothing in our work excites us more than to see students discover their gifts and become impassioned about a cause.  This happens when students lead and faculty coach.
    • Innovative and Integrative: In innovative ways we seek to integrate our faith in our business disciplines, the liberal arts with our business disciplines, and our business disciplines with each other.
    • Specialized and Strategic.  Trinity Business is unique in that it offers student specialized degrees in Accounting, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, and marketing.  It is teaches students how to be Strategic Critical Thinkers.
    • Immersed in Chicago.  We seek to transform society.  But we do that by first seeking to understand ourselves, others, and the world.  Chicago is our world.
    • Grounded in Vocation.  We do what we do because as Christians we believe God calls us to do these things.  We desire to do so in love, mercy, and humility.
  • CECE: The Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Empowerment is unique in that it seeks to create a ladder to meaningful employment:
    • Support Interdisciplinary Initiatives.
    • Support Career-focused Student Clubs.
    • Troll Scholars:
      • Consultants
      • Interns
      • Entrepreneurs


We do what we do to increase students’ knowledge of God, themselves, and the world.  That too, we believe, is our calling.



In the long-run, beginning in college, our goal is that our graduates transform culture and experience holistic well-being.  This is based on an outcome of  knowledge — of God, themselves and the world.  That outcome and impact is based on the inputs related to empowering students to discern, develop, and deploy their gifts and calling in business and beyond.